Total Commander PDF Viewer Plug-in Introduction

Previously, Total Commander mainly have 2 kind of way to view PDF, there are some disadvantages:

The first: use PDFview (PDFview. WLX) this Lister plugin. Faults: rely on Ghostscript PostScript files as a PDF file and the interpretation of the program. Installing Ghostscript also need dozens of megabytes of hard disk space, and also added to the system variables of the path. In short this method doesn’t work well.

The second: using IEView (IEView. WLX) to call default PDF related procedures, such as PDF-XChange Viewer, Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF, etc. Weakness: this is a not good way; And need to start the corresponding program (PDFXCview., Foxit Reader. Exe exe, SumatraPDF. Exe), process also won’t quit, still takes up the memory. you also convert PDF to word on Mac with it.

Now, the recommended Total Commander to view PDF is to use Sumatra PDF plugin (SumatraPDF. WLX), this kind of means is different from the IEView Sumatra calling PDF software, Sumatra PDF plugin won’t additional start SumatraPDF. Exe process, small memory and rapid response.

This plugin comes from the earliest ghisler. Ch BBS, at present totalcmd also included the plugin.


Based on the author’s introduction, relative to the other PDF plug-ins, Sumatra PDF based Lister plug-in has the following characteristics:

* Support using Lister to view PDF (or other support calls WLX plugin software)

* Totally independent from other external tools and additional library

* Very simple interface, interface flow to a minimum level

* Total Commander tightly integrated, and provide search and positioning, support F3 shortcut key

* Fast, because it is in Sumatra PDF code library, also is to use MuPDF rendering (note: MuPDF and Ghostscript is origin)

* For a function complete PDF viewer, and it’s small size, only 1.7 MB (UPX compressed)

* Free software (and Sumatra PDF for GPLv3 authorized)

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