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Someone says: my iphone16G can’t use as U disk? Yes, it cannot not use as U disk. Because apple system is IOS, every App program have their own space, each file can only store it in the App of space. For example, the movie can be placed at “video”, songs loaded to “ipod”, “photograph” in pictures. So, if there is an APP which can unify the video, songs, photographs, documents put together?

So, to help people who is in need of make iPod/iPhone/iPad as an USB drive, author tested some other software and finally find iStonosft iPod disk mode is very easy to use.

Recommend software: iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone Disk Mode.

iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone disk mode, is apple’s most useful U disk program, iStonsoft iPad/iPod/iPhone disk mode: document management.

Refresh – Refresh the interface or iPad information. If your iPad is not recognized by the software, click Refresh to try again.

When you install disk mode, click into functional home page, on the front page of a document, imported images and three navigation options. Click on my documents, you can create management folders and files: for example to create a new folder, create the new document, move, copy, deleting files operation. Delete – If you don’t need specific file or folder, click on it, then hit the Delete button to remove it from iPad disk.

iStonsoft iPod disk mode: upload is very simple, you have to start iTunes, click on the left of the “copy to computer”, choose the file you want to load (support PDF, TXT, MP3, Office documents, iWork, movie, HTML and image file).

Sound cool? Most of my friend used this iPhone disk mode, and give it a high assessment, so, if you get iPod,iPad or iPhone, you can improve their additional using value, you can use iPod/iPad/iPhone as real U disk anytime and anywhtere.

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